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     Shenzhen Novsense electronic &g ourselves tooffer magnetic components system solution for the fields of power circuits of rmilitary use, UPS, Smart power grid, Rail transit, Photovoltaic grid-converter, Telecom power supply. And the Novsense is a productive comprehensiveand technical enterprise to produce and develop the Planar transformer, Planarinductor, Radio-frequency reactor, RS series isolation sensor/ transducer,DC/DC isolation power module, The planar integrated magnetic filter. In orderto offer the solution of inductive components for customers, our company willsolve the problems by relying on magneto-electric combination corecoess and combine with our own multiple-copper PCB technique.


    Accordingto marketing segmentation, the company is split into three business divisionsentities:

    Militaryproject and standard business division: we mainly to provide three highly ofversatility military and industrial products. The first is the telecommunicationfield of planar transformer and inductor. The second is to meet with the newstandard series of planar transupply module the working frequencyof 200kHz-3MHz. The third is the electric car charger, car DC-DC, the type ofcomsuming charger with planar transformer standardization series products.

    Combined with the magnetoelectric Division (combinedwith the magnetoelectric Engineering Technology Research Center): To carryout a variety of new magnetoelectric products and development by combined withthe magnetoelectric research route. We already have owned a national electroniclaboratory antic simulation platform etc. The research and developmentcenter has achieved remarkable results, it has undertaken a number ofcountries, 863 projects, and the national strategic military projects. Thedevelopment of a number of new products, and provide the solutions for themajority of users and products.

    RS customization and batch Division (RS research centerof Engineering Technology): RS series isolation amplifier module, Powerisolation sensor/ transmitter and DC/DC isolated power module. The research anddevelopment center has achieved remarkabstrial control, Instrument, Medical equipment, Industrial intelligence, Intelligent building, Automotiveelectronics etc. We will provide EMI solutions and high quality products forour customers.

    The company set up the combination of magetoelectric Engineering Technology Research Center, and the combination of RS EngineeringTechnology research center: Shenzhen novsense Electronic Technology Co.Ltd.has offices in Canada, Hongkong, Taiwamponents brand company, by gradually become the world leader and themodel combination of magnetoelectric.

    Enterprise purpose: details of the decision tosucces created the future, innovation and change in life, and win-win move to the world. 

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